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Gutter and Downspout Color Choices

Here are several things to consider when choosing a color for your new gutters.

What color is the home’s exterior walls?  It may be beneficial to have the gutters match the exterior paint color.  This method allows the gutters to become less of a visual element for the home.

What color is the home’s trim?  Often homeowners accent their home’s curb appeal by purchasing gutters which match the trim found on its windows and doors. Depending on the type of home, this could improve its visual harmony allowing the gutters and trim work together to “outline” the home.

What color is the home’s roof?  One school of thought is to make your gutters the same color as the roof so that they don’t call attention to themselves.  This helps your gutters to be seen as an extension of the roofline rather than a distraction.

Color Chart of Available Ty Seamless Gutters

Color Chart

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