Has your home or business taken on damage from hail? Is it in need of an upgrade or in the process of new construction? Whatever the case may be TY CONSTRUCTION is ready to help! We navigate the insurance claims process, complete all the distinct repairs involved, and stand by our work long-term, year-round! Call TY CONSTRUCTION today to get the highest quality service and products in the Black Hills!

Insurance Claims

Being a homeowner is a fulfilling experience, except when you are faced with unfortunate damages to your home. While some routine repairs can be expected from time to time, larger losses caused by Mother Nature can be quite overwhelming. Whether you have started the claim process with your insurance company or don't know where to start, TY CONSTRUCTION is available to represent you. Once we do our initial inspection and consultation, we attempt to meet with your insurance adjuster on-site. This allows everyone to be on the same page which saves valuable time. If an adjuster has already inspected the damage, we will simply compare the findings to assume nothing is missed. Once repairs begin, we will continue to work with your insurance to keep them updated on progress, projected timelines, and all other related details. Every step of the process will be clearly explained with absolute transparency to you as the homeowner. This allows you to rest easy knowing everything is being handled properly. TY CONSTRUCTION has worked with all types of insurance throughout the years and will handle your entire claim from start to finish!

Why Hire One Contractor?

Navigating the repairs your home needs with multiple, trade-specific contractors can turn into a headache for you and those crews doing the repairs. There is a common order to exterior repairs that must be followed so that more work is not created unnecessarily. Furthermore, scheduling several independent repairs can end in longer timelines for the entire project and on-site crowding. Hiring a contractor like TY CONSTRUCTION who can readily perform the entire project allows for a quick and seamless experience.

Why Hire Local?

Hiring local not only supports your local economy but allows you the peace of mind that you will be continually serviced. A local company's longevity and success is through repeat business and referrals. This is why TY CONSTRUCTION focuses on customer satisfaction and doing that is respectable!